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Wednesday 17th January 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who own ?
Why Naijanurses?
How much to pay for the services rendered?
Additional Packages offered
Can I travel with and How?
How can I place order for materials?
Can I get 24hours support?
How to Contact you?

It is owned by private nurses concerned with the development and upgrading of nursing profession strictly Nigerian, owned by Nigeria and run by Nigerian.

Itís Naijanurses because it is a platform where nurses in Nigeria and diaspora meet to exchange idea, wealth of experience. Itís in existence to provide Nursing job opportunities for nurses by registering with the company to have your record on our own database and to intimate nurse with the activities happening in nursing profession.

No penny. Itís absolutely free!

We provide leadership training to empower own upcoming nurses and also to provide leadership skill needed and also, on infonursing aspect which keep nurses in watch about the upcoming events and materials.

Yes, you can. Just register with us online we provide you with the step by step to how you can get your VISA to country of your choice.

You can place order on a particular product you wish to buy on the online store, and you can pay through bank account, e-gold, bank wire transfer and yet to be announced payment options. The materials you ordered will be home delivery anywhere in Nigeria.

Yes, we do all in our might to get you the needed support all the time.

You can do that through our contact

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